Property Management FAQ

  • Can I have my home listed for sale or lease at the same time?

    We do allow the home to be listed for sale at the same time that we are attempting to secure a tenant for you provided the listing agent and broker are in agreement and sign the necessary paperwork. AHI Properties also elects not to place a sign in the yard in this situation to ensure that you do not look desperate to potential purchasers or tenants.
  • Can I leave my home furnished or do I need to move everything out?

    You will need to remove all of your personal belongings and furnishings. This eliminates the possibility of damage being done to those items almost all tenants have their own furniture. Attempting to lease a furnished home significantly reduces the number of prospective tenants and increases down time between rentals.
  • Can I refuse to allow pets?

    You can refuse to allow pets in your home. You can also elect to allow certain sizes, breeds, or type of pets with additional deposits or fees being paid by the tenant.
  • Do I continue to pay my mortgage or do you pay it for me?

    You will continue making your mortgage payments like you normally do. AHI Properties does not make mortgage payments for our clients. You will also need to continue paying your HOA fees, insurance, property taxes, fire dues, and any other normal expenses pertaining to your home.
  • Do I need to leave my appliances?

    You will need to leave your kitchen appliances. We have found that tenants do not bring their own appliances and depend on the property to have them available with the home. We also do not recommend leaving your washer and dryer since most tenants have their own set and it also will cost for repairs should something break or malfunction. It can also increase the potential for property damage should a supply line spring a leak.
  • Do you conduct inspections to make sure that the tenants are taking care of my house?

    Since we are not licensed inspectors we conduct walk through surveys prior to the tenants move in to assess and document the overall condition of the home. This establishes a baseline for the security deposit refund process to be conducted from. We also conduct move out and a periodic walk through survey for homes in our management program to determine if the home is being properly cared for.
  • How long will it take to rent my house?

    Normally 30 days or less. We perform the necessary market analysis to properly advise you how to price your home to allow it to rent quickly minimizing down time.
  • Is smoking allowed in my home?

    Smoking is prohibited within the home and is covered within the lease agreement with the tenant.
  • Who is responsible for the lawn care?

    The tenant will be responsible for lawn maintenance, watering and the trimming of the shrubbery unless the care of these items is negotiated within the lease agreement. Homeowners are typically responsible for any lawn chemical services as well as refreshing mulch and pine straw annually.
  • Who is responsible for the utilities?

    The tenant is responsible for all utilities except in cases where certain utilities are included within the rent. These will be defined within the lease agreement and are negotiated before the lease signing takes place. There are also some utility companies that will not allow a tenant to open an account in their name and require that the utility remain in the name of the homeowner. These are usually water and sewer providers. In these cases the homeowner pays the bill and then forwards a copy of the bill to AHI Properties so that we can invoice the tenant for the utility. Once payment is received from the tenant you will be reimbursed.